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Social Studies 

Why do I teach Social Studies?

One thing that you can count on in this life is that you are a citizen of this, or another, country, as well as one of this world.  It is imperative that you understand your role here, as well as those of others, if you are to get along in it!  You must understand that you impact others, and that they impact you.  You need to need to know how and why this happens.  We are not alone in this world and it is my job to make you aware of what that means to you and those around you.  Many around the world don't agree with us, don't like us, and want to hurt us.  Why?  It is through the Social Studies that we begin to explore the answers to those questions, as well as many others.

I teach Social Studies because it is important.

I teach Social Studies because I want to make a difference in this world.

I teach Social Studies because I want YOU to make a difference in this world.


To link to the textbook online:

  • Go to NCEdCloud
  • log in
  • Click on Canvas
  • Click on the Social Studies box
  • Click on ConnectED (if you have a pop-up block, you need to click "always allow" then click ConnectED again.)
  • Click on Launch or just click on the textbook (if you have already launched it)
  • Choose the chapter and lesson that you need to complete.