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RMS Spelling Bee
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
RMS Spelling Bee Participants
RMS Spelling Bee Participants

Spelling Bee Participants standing in media center

Congratulations to all of the RMS Spelling Bee Participants!

All students competed in two BEES to be able to compete in the final RMS Spelling Bee. 

Mrs. Anderson - Parker Sterling (alternate -Frankie Nobles)
Mrs. Cranford - Lily Tucker (alternate -Tony Burton)
Mrs. Hanes - Emily McGraw (alternate -Peyton Austin)
RMS Alternate Mrs. Hudson - Jason Tadeo-Vazquez (alternate -Hayden Reynolds)
Mrs. Lineberry - Braxton Walker (alternate -Mrs. York - Alvin Liu)
RMS WINNER Mrs. Norton - Wyatt Moore (alternate -Alexa Huggins)
Mrs. Prince - Mackenzie Strickland (alternate -Noah Dunn)
Mrs. Skipper - Haley Carter (alternate -Mrs. Craven - Cynthia Goettsch)
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